Short Treatment Session (30 mins) $90
Standard Treatment Session (45 mins) $110
Long Treatment Session (60 mins) $140

What is included in your treatment fee?

  • Individually customised treatment plan to target your child’s specific needs
  • Time spent with the speech pathologist in the session
  • One-on-one support (and the opportunity to contact the speech pathologist via phone or email outside of session times if needed)
  • Parent training of therapy strategies
  • Materials and instructions for ‘home practice’, which are provided in each session or via email following the session
  • Preparation of therapy goals and activities before each session (i.e. worksheets, flashcards, cue cards)
  • Creation of resources for ‘home practice’
  • Liaison with other professionals involved in your child’s care via phone or email
  • Record keeping of your child’s progress in their personal record following each session





Standard Initial Assessment
1 appointment, 60 – 90 minutes
Includes assessment of: Early Language (for children <3 years, or older children who are communicating using single words only); Stuttering; Speech Sounds (including lisps)


Includes detailed report

Extended Initial Assessment
1-2 appointments, 60 – 90 minutes each
Includes assessment of: Oral Language (receptive and/or expressive) for children over 3 years; Combined Speech Sound & Oral Language assessments


Includes detailed report

Complex Initial Assessment
2-3 appointments, 60 – 90 minutes each
Includes assessment of: Literacy Development; Combined Language and Literacy assessments


Includes detailed report

Review Assessment 
Completed after a block of therapy to review client progress and guide future treatment decisions


Includes summary report

What is included in your assessment fee?

  • Completion of formal assessments to evaluate your child’s speech, language and/or literacy skills
  • Completion of play-based and observational assessments
  • Parent interview and discussion
  • Time with the speech pathologist (1 hour or more depending on areas being assessed)
  • Analysis of assessment results and report writing (usually 2-2.5 hours)
  • Information handouts
  • Development of individual therapy plan

Pursuit Speech Pathology also offers Language Development Centre Referral Assessments. Due to the specialised nature of these assessments, including a complex assessment battery, extensive paperwork and time spent liaising with other professionals involved in the assessment process, these assessments are charged at a higher fee than our standard assessments. If you wish to discuss these assessment services for your child, please contact Pursuit Speech Pathology directly for a copy of our current fee schedule.

YOU MAY ALSO BE ELIGIBLE FOR REBATES ON our assessment and treatment services